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Virtual Reality based educational approach in tackling of Climate Change

The Erasmus+ project “Virtual Reality based educational approach in tackling of Climate Change” is implemented in four European municipalities:

Velenje (Slovenia), Kotchani – North Macedonia, Ludbreg (Croatia) and Syros (Greece)

The main goal of the project is to raise awareness and educate students about the climate changes we are witnessing, and thus encourage them to find solutions and to deal responsibly with the environment and waste. The purpose of the project is to present the issue of climate change to students through various activities during the school year. In the affiliated schools, various activities will be carried out to raise awareness about climate change and activities that will consequently reduce the consumption of resources and the amount of waste.

The specific objective of the activities in the project is to develop own innovative Climate Change orientated ICT – based educational module with the use of “state of the art” VR technology; Moreover the project aims to improve students’ interest and achievements in STEM school subjects with help of VR educational technology and improve students skills in “activity-based” learning approach through a transnational competitive event in the frame of long-term teaching assignment, as also to improve their presentation skills (for the best students from four schools).

Finally, the project aims to establish transnational teacher’s network by using of eTwinning networking modules and to create of a strategic Action plan with developed realistic actions/projects for the future transnational cooperation in the field of education.

Duration: February 2022 till February 2024.