3d Multiprier Event

3rd Multiplier event as a National dissemination event was held in Kochani – North Macedonia in December 2023.

The main aim of this event is the dissemination of the developed PRs.
The presentation of the project results was conducted by the involved and responsible project partners:

–      Handbook for schools teachers: “Introducing of Climate Change related topics in STEM orientated school subjects”

–      Virtual reality-based educational software related to Climate Change topics /with included detailed Operational Manual for school teachers/

–        Document for establishing of long-term strategic partnership among different type of organizations for the improvement of the educational processes in the regions of Velenje – Slovenia, Syros – Greece; Ludbreg – Croatia and Kochani – North Macedonia.

Achievements were presented by teachers and the best students from competitive events that were directly involved in the activity project. They presented their experiences, accolades gained and benefits of using a new innovative and educational approach based on VR during the project. activities.

Dissemination materials was shared among the participants in order that local stakeholders will get a better picture of all project activities and achieved results. Event was attended by a total of 44 participants.

2nd Multiplier Event

The second multiplier event was held in Craotia  on 25th  of November 2023 in the Center for Culture and Formation “Dragutin Novak”. The goal of this event was to present the achievements the results and intellectual outputs of the project and encouraged action and networking of different educational, public and non-governmental organizations.

1st Multiplier Event

The first multiplier event was held in Greece in the island of Syros on 15th of September 2023. The event was organized by the host organization «Alternative Innovative Development». More than 50 participants attended the event, including representatives from Municipality of Syros, representatives of schools, representatives of civil organizations and local citizens. During the event:

-Intellectual output 1 was presented by MAGA representatives

-Intellectual output 2 was presented by LUCERA representatives

-Intellectual output 3 was presented by KSSENA representatives

-Slovenian, Croatian, N. Macedonian and Greek teacher representative presented the timeline, activities and their experience in their school

-Winning pupils team presented their idea and their experience during the long-teach training assignment 

A catering was held after the event.